Nattou Alex & Bibou Collection - Comforter Bibou The Rabbit
Nattou Alex & Bibou Collection - Comforter Alex The Donkey

    Nattou Alex & Bibou Collection - Comforter

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    • Brand: Nattou
    • Product Type: Alex & Bibou Collection - Comforter
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    Nattou toys are cute, cuddly, and incredibly soft. They will provide your little one with comfort and a sense of security from a very young age.


    • This will become your baby's constant source of emotional comfort and security for many years to come
    • Made from super-soft synthetic fibre for plush comfort and cosy cuddling
    • Sweet expression and soft texture reassure your child
    • Your little one will become so attached to this that they can't miss out on it

    We recommend you buy 2 to avoid heartbreak if one goes missing or is in the wash.

    Dimensions: 27 x 27 cm

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