Boon Snug Spout With Cup Fits 6 - 10cm Diameter Pink/Purple/Blue
Boon Snug Spout With Cup
Boon Snug Spout With Cup
Boon Snug Spout With Cup


You can never have too many sippy cups, not at the rate through which your child goes through them in a day. No clean sippy baby cup, no worries with the Boon Snug Spout Sippy Lids with cup pink/purple/blue.

Snug silicone sippy lids fit over boon baby cups and any regular baby cup with a 2.5”– 3.75” diameter and instantly prevents that cup from spilling its contents when knocked over or tipped over on the table of in the baby pram or car. That sounds very welcome in any household!

The lids are 100% Silicone, for safe drinks. The package includes 3 lids and 1 cup and is suitable for 9m+.

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    Boon Snug Spout With Cup

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