Dreambaby Liberty Gate Tall Extension 63cm White

    Dreambaby Liberty Gate Tall Extension

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    • Brand: Dreambaby
    • Product Type: Liberty Gate Tall Extension
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    The Dreambaby Liberty Tall 63cm (24.5") Gate Extension works with the Dreambaby Liberty Tall Security Gate or Liberty Tall Xtra Hallway Gate to extend the width of the gate.
    Extensions add versatility and many extra uses to safety gates.

    Extensions allow you to use gates all around the home, including in areas with wider openings. This adds extra safety for your young ones. Of course, not all hallways or stairways fit gate measurements - using an extension means that this does not jeapordise the security of your child, even in rooms which require a much longer partition.

    Safety gates are a very important part of at-home safety. They provide safe and secure boundaries for your child, preventing them from entering potentially dangerous or unsupervised areas of the home.

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