Munchkin Multi Bowl - 5 Pack 5 Pack Various
Munchkin Multi Bowl - 5 Pack
Munchkin Multi Bowl - 5 Pack
Munchkin Multi Bowl - 5 Pack
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    Munchkin Multi Bowl - 5 Pack

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    • Brand: Munchkin
    • Product Type: Multi Bowl - 5 Pack


    There never seem to be clean bowls in the cupboard with your snack-happy toddler around.

    Munchkin Multi Bowl, 5 pack is a set of baby plates that will keep your hungry kid running until you run the next dishwasher cycle or get round to the pile up in your sink.

    These Munchkin baby plates are deep with tall sides, great for holding meals or snacks, and perfect for dipping little fingers into for snacks as they go about their baby business. These baby plates have a wide sturdy base to provide stability, helping to keep snacks in the bowl and not on the floor. BPA free, your babies will be enjoying their snacks safely.

    Ships in a variety of colours.

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