Dr. Brown's Options Baby Bottle - 120mL 3 x 120mL
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    Dr. Brown's Options Baby Bottle - 120mL

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    • Brand: Dr. Brown's
    • Product Type: Options Baby Bottle - 120mL


    Dr. Brown's Options Baby Bottle is a set of three convertible baby bottles that can be used with or without the vent system.

    The new vent system is designed to grow with baby, and removing the vent is a convenient option as your baby's feeding becomes more developed. Dr. Browns baby bottle's venting system helps to reduce feeding problems, helps digestion and helps preserve vitamins. Air enters the bottle collar and routes directly through the internal vent system, air channels through the vent tube, bypassing the milk, to the end of the bottle preventing aeration of the milk, vacuum pressure and nipple collapse.

    When the vent is no longer needed, simply remove it and feed baby with the baby bottle the usual way.

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