2XU Prenatal Active Shorts XS Black/Silver
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2XU Prenatal Active Shorts
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    2XU Prenatal Active Shorts

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    Prenatal Active Shorts - XS

    Your body begins to change as soon as successful conception takes place.

    2XU Prenatal Active Shorts XS are designed with that initial first semester growth in mind. These maternity leggings are a great way to start offering your body the much needed support.

    Perhaps you just noticed that your clothes are not fitting quite right or the zippers don't fully close. These maternity leggings will offer you the benefit of comfort as you continue to have an active lifestyle.

    2XU maternity leggings will be perfect for your gym sessions, yoga classes and even swimming.


    Prenatal Active Shorts - Small

    Discovering you are pregnant can create wardrobe panic, such as wondering whether you have to stop participating in some activities as you lack the proper clothing, but with 2XU prenatal active shorts small, you need not worry.

    No need to quit your outdoor cycling or gym sessions with the level of support offered by these maternity leggings. Expertly crafted with over a decade of research, 2XU maternity leggings have a double-layered PWX70D gusset for pelvic floor support, PWX and Power mesh fabrics that target the lower back to support the upper body, whilst enhancing posture and breathing. Staying active through pregnancy has never been easier.


    Prenatal Active Shorts - Medium

    2XU partnered with the Australian Institute of Sport and RMIT University to develop active wear that can be worn not just by athletes and gym bunnies, but also by expecting mums who need to stay active throughout their pregnancy.

    2XU Prenatal Active Shorts Medium offer expecting mums a safe supportive alternative to their regular active wear. These light weight maternity leggings can be safely worn under your maternity clothing to provide all day support at work or while out and about.

    Designed with targeted panels, 2XU maternity leggings will provide all day comfort whether you are sitting at a desk or on your feet all day.


    Prenatal Active Shorts - XL

    As your pregnancy progresses and you get bigger, chafing can be a real problem but with 2XU Prenatal Active Shorts XL, it need not be.

    These maternity leggings offer the benefit of flatlock seams that reduce chafe for greater comfort.

    2XU maternity leggings superior knit structure for multidirectional stretch and the breathable high-filament yarns for dryness that wicks sweat from the skin to the fabric exterior, there will be no chance of chafing. You can participate in all activities, safely assured of your comfort.

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