Prenatal Active Tights - XL

    2XU Prenatal Active Tights - XL

    • Brand: 2XU
    • Product Type: Prenatal Active Tights - XL

    Size: XL, Extra Large - Hip range 111 - 115cm

    Staying active and fit during maternity is key to your health and the health of your baby. To stay active requires assistance, and 2XU Pre-Natal Active Maternity Tights make it easier.

    Engineered with high performing fabrics and comfort, these maternity tights protect and support areas prone to straining, while targeted compression helps improve circulation and reduces swelling to keep you feeling strong and comfortable month after month.

    Features & Benefits:

    1. Wide Waistband for comfort and security.
    2. Double-layered gusset for pelvic floor support.
    3. Flatlock seams reduce chafe for greater comfort.
    4. Graduated fit enhances circulation to alleviate swelling in the ankles and feet.
    5. Double-layered compression helps support your pelvic floor muscles.
    6. Fabric panels target the lower back to reduce pain and support your posture.
    7. Compression helps reduce fatigue during activity and tired muscles after.
    8. Assists in blood flow, as your blood volume increases 40%-50% during maternity.
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