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    Dreambaby Protect-A-Wall Mounting Cup

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    • Brand: Dreambaby
    • Product Type: Protect-A-Wall Mounting Cup
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    Protect-A-Wall Mounting Cup

    Dreambaby Protect-A-Wall Prevents Damage to Walls from Pressure Mounted Gates Easy to Install Protect Your Wall Pressure mounted gates work well to make homes baby-safe and save you the hassle of messy installation, but they can still pose potential damage to your wall. Dreambaby Protect-A-Wall alleviates that problem. Large Mounting Cups Our Protect-A-Wall are large mounting cups that disperse pressure from the top supports over a large area, reducing direct force and minimizing the possibility of cracks or collapses. Soft Non-slip Foam Backing In addition to providing a larger, more secure contact zone, these mounting cups feature a soft non-slip, non-adhesive backing that prevents damage while remaining gentle on your wall. Discover the full range of baby safety and baby proofing at Tell Me Baby

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