Bellies & Beyond Rapt Baby Wrap 120 x 120cm Ink Spot
Bellies & Beyond Rapt Baby Wrap 120 x 120cm Perfectly Pink
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    Bellies & Beyond Rapt Baby Wrap

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    Ink Spot

    It’s never fun when the pen leaks and we have to scrub away in the laundry, but it happened here and no one minds a bit! Spill a thing or two on this one and no one will even notice. Dots, splotches, spots – whatever you want to call them is totally fine by us.
    P.S. Mums, rock this one as a headband or a scarf and you’ll be in on the monochrome trend!

    Perfectly Pink

    Go to the shops and this is the colour you’ll see on every top and on any accessory. Go to the nail salon and get a mani/pedi with it. Now I’m not a pink person but this is well…

    Perfectly Pink. 

    Dusty Pink, Powder Pink… whatever you call it – it is Perfectly Pink.


    Perfect to wrap your baby tightly and encourage good sleep practices, for tummy time, as a breastfeeding cover, burping cloth or to throw over the pram.

    Composition: 100% Bamboo
    Size: 120 x 120 cm

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