Dr. Brown's Soft-Spout Toddler Cup 270mL
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    Dr. Brown's Soft-Spout Toddler Cup

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    • Brand: Dr. Brown's
    • Product Type: Soft-Spout Toddler Cup


    Dr. Brown's Soft-Spout Toddler Cup has a contoured, easy grip shape has no handles to make it simple for toddlers to hold this cup like a grownup.

    Featuring a one-piece, spill-proof silicone spout valve that makes sipping easy for tiny mouths, all the parts are also removable for easy cleaning. The attached lid stays open when baby drinks and keeps spout clean when not in use.

    This Dr. Brown's toddler cup is made from a BPA free plastic, making it food safe and will not leach toxins into your baby's drink. This baby cup is suitable for babies nine months and older. Its large 270ml size makes it great for older babies and toddlers who require slightly more drink.

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