Ultra Stretch Maternity Bra - Black
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    Medela Ultra Stretch Maternity Bra - Black

    • Brand: Medela
    • Product Type: Ultra Stretch Maternity Bra - Black

    Wearing comfortable maternity clothes, especially bras, is a must if you're pregnant. Bras that become too small as you begin producing milk will compress your breasts and may lead to decreased milk supply. Stretchy bras would do wonders to accommodate changes in breast size.

    The black Ultra Stretch Maternity Bra from Medela is made of soft, natural fabric that stretches to accommodate changing cup sizes. It provides utmost comfort even when sleeping. It is wire-free, seam-free, and tag-free. It is also available in white.

    This MEDIUM maternity bra can accommodate cup sizes 34(D) to 34(DDD), 36(C) to 36(D), and 38(B) to 38(C).

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