Washable Bra Pads

    Medela Washable Bra Pads

    • Brand: Medela
    • Product Type: Washable Bra Pads

    When breastfeeding, breast milk leakage is unavoidable. It can be uncomfortable walking around with a visibly wet top. Stay dry with the Washable Bra Pads from Medela.

    Designed with breastfeeding mums in mind, these bra pads have a soft outer layer that keep your skin dry and healthy. The ultra-absorbent inner layer is made of anti-microbial material that reduce odours and bacterial growth.

    The non-slip design makes pads stay in place even when you are out exercising. The sealed stitching around the edges hold milk inside, keeping you dry throughout the day and giving you confidence to do whatever you need to do without fear of leakage.     

    Available in packs of four, these reusable breast pads from Medela can easily be added to any bra.

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